Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour Breaks Record With $1 Billion In Sales

American singer, Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour has reportedly raked in an estimated $1.04 billion in gross ticket sales according to a live-music trade publication, Pollstar. 

The publication reported that it is the first-ever tour to smash the billion-dollar milestone. The sky-high numbers have topped all previous tours in ticket sales for 12 months from Nov. 17, 2022, to Nov. 15, 2023, pushing Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour to second place.

It is estimated that Taylor Swift’s tour has sold a whopping 4.35 million tickets from 60 shows, with merchandise sales racking up to $200 million during the yearly run.

Those record-breaking numbers are expected to escalate, as Pollstar predicts that ticket sales from the next eligible box-office year will once again hit $1B, taking the tour’s total to $2B.

The enormous success of her tour means Taylor will be lining her pockets with some hefty payday checks. She has been generous by dishing over $50M in total bonuses to her concert crew and an extra $100k to every truck driver hauling her tour equipment around the country.

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