Show Us Your Admission Letter – Netizens Seeks To Expose Nana Aba As A Fraud Over Medical School Claim

Ace broadcaster and media personality Nana Aba Anamoah has recently stirred a wave of skepticism among Ghanaians following her assertion about pursuing studies in medical school.

Despite her public declaration about embarking on a medical education journey, some members of the public have called for transparency, demanding to see her admission letter.

The controversy emerged after Nana Aba shared in an interview that she abandoned medical school to give birth. “Did I sacrifice school? I did. For one year, and I’ve never said this before, but I got admission to medical school. You know, I was a science student as well, so I got admission to medical school, and I had to let that go.”

However, the revelation was met with skepticism and a call for proof from a section of Ghanaians who sought more concrete evidence of her enrollment.

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The clamor for transparency heightened on various social media platforms, with some questioning the authenticity of her claim. Some netizens argued that showcasing the admission letter would validate her statement and put an end to the skepticism surrounding her purported entry into medical school.

While Nana Aba has not directly responded to the requests for her admission letter, she has maintained her focus on the excitement and anticipation surrounding her academic journey.

The media personality, known for her versatile career in broadcasting and journalism, has often been a subject of public scrutiny, and her recent foray into medical studies has become a focal point of discussion.

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