7 Signs the Angels Are Guiding You

An angel is a spiritual being who serves as a messenger of God. Angels deliver messages of wisdom, inspiration and support to each of us at different times in our lives. Often angels communicate by sending signs to guide and encourage us along our paths. These signs may or may not be recognizable to us at the time. Angelic messages are perfectly timed coming to us at just the right moment. The messages can be hints, nudges, provide specific answers, messages of support and encouragement or warnings. The messages are sometimes repetitive and delivered over a period of time. Signs of angelic guidance appear out of the ordinary often with a unique personal meaning. The key to receiving angelic guidance is to notice the signs that are being sent to us so that we can interpret the meaning of each sign for ourselves and apply the angelic guidance to our lives.

There are many different ways that angels may communicate with each of us including visions, dreams, hearing a voice, and through signs. Receiving angelic guidance through signs that have a symbolic significance to the receiver is the most common form of angelic communication. The following are 7 of the most common signs of angelic guidance and what they mean.

White Feather

The white feather is the sign most commonly associated with angelic guidance. While feathers of all colors and sizes can be a sign, white feathers are especially considered to be a sign of angelic guidance. White feathers that appear in your path or that appear in an unusual place that you would not expect are likely a sign. White feathers found on the ground as you are walking can be a sign that you are on the right path, literally and or symbolically. White feathers are symbols of encouragement and reassurance. Feathers can be a reminder to keep going and not give up. A white feather also can be interpreted as a comforting reminder that your angels are watching over you and that you are divinely protected. In some cultures white feathers are believed to be signs of hope, faith and a strong connection between the physical and spiritual realm. Often a feather will be found immediately after a prayer or request for help from the angels. In these cases you may have a sense right away of what the unique meaning of this sign is for you.

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Goosebumps or chills can be confirmation that what you are thinking or feeling is accurate and true. The feeling of a chill or surge of energy running up or down your spine can also be an angelic call to attention. Pay attention to what comes next, to what is going on around you at this moment. This is the angels’ way of saying, “This is important! Focus!” Goosebumps may indicate that you are on the right track or that your intuition about a topic is correct. Goosebumps or chills can also be an indication that your angels are near and are watching over you.


Numbers when seen repeatedly over a period of time, whether it be a singular number or number series, often are conveying a significant angelic message. If you experience seeing a specific number or series everywhere you look for example on the clock, the parking meter, on your receipt from the coffee shop, on a license plate, etc. this is likely a sign. In general repetitive numbers mean something divinely guided is occurring in your life now. Numbers frequently seen repeated are 1 meaning divine timing, pay attention and that things are evolving exactly as they should so relax and have faith, 4 meaning your angels are surrounding you now, and 5 indicating a change or transition is happening. Numerology can assist you in determining the exact meaning of specific numbers and number patterns.

Butterflies and Dragonflies

In Victorian times butterflies were believed to be signs of good fortune and blessings. Having a butterfly cross your path in an unexpected way or in an unusual place can be a sign that love and abundance is flowing your way. Butterflies are a sign of good luck and prosperity. Butterflies appearing unusually in your path can also be an affirmative response to a question or thought you have been thinking.

Dragonflies are often a message to become an active co-creator of your destiny, to focus on the outcome you desire in order to attract that desire to you. Dragonflies remind us to pay attention to what we are thinking so as not to be attracting the wrong things into our lives with thoughts opposite from our desires. Dragonflies can also be signs of coming change and encouragement to continue on your path of transformation.

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Finding a coin in your path can be a message of reassurance from your angels that you are loved and valued. Coins are a sign of support. Most commonly pennies and dimes are considered to be angelic signs. Coins may also be communicating the message that you are not alone and to give your worries to God. Your angels may be trying to reassure you that you are supported financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you find an unusual coin in your path notice any unique markings or messages written on it, its denomination and the metal it is molded from in order to translate any specific message for you.


Rainbows have been interpreted as a sign of love, support and protection since biblical times. A rainbow is a sign that whatever it is that has been concerning you, it is being taken care of and is working itself out. Rainbows can also be a sign of hope and encouragement, that whatever challenge you are facing you will make it through the storm and come out shining on the other side. It is an angelic message to hang in there, to have faith and to keep going. Rainbows can also be a message from your angels to believe in yourself, that you are stronger and more powerful than you think you are.

Direct Message

Examples of direct messages include a sign on a billboard, a book falling open to a relevant passage, a verse in a song, a street sign, any literal sign that appears to you where the phrase or message holds a special meaning to you and directly addresses the specific question or thought you have been asking for guidance on. Pay close attention to your surroundings and you will notice direct messages appearing to you more and more often. These signs of angelic guidance are not only reassuring that your angels are looking over you but also provide the very specific and detailed guidance needed to choose a direction or make a difficult decision with confidence and assuredness.

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