Why Shatta Michy Leaked Her Own Nu-de Photo?

Shatta Michy ,yesterday did the most unthinkable thing one could ever expect of her. The estranged Shatta Wale’s longtime girlfriend and baby momma released her own Nu-de photo, but why?

Shatta Wale and Michy recent fight has birthed a lot of controversies. Shatta has slammed her on social media and quite shockingly has teamed up with controversial Instagram page @thosecalledcelebs to continue the barrage of foul words aimed at her.

Michy, Wale and Thosecalledcelebs real name Rachel were once close pals. They were so close enough for Rachel to reveal her real identity to the two but according to reports, Rachel befriended the Michy and Wale in order to steal Shatta.

After Rachel making inappropriate publications about Michy, Michy leaked her photos online and it angered her a lot . In response, Rachel fired at Michy, bringing all her drug abuse lifestyle to light. Also, she claimed Shatta Wale has sent her Michy’s na-ked photos and videos and threatened to release it in no time.

To cause further embarrassment for Rachel and for Rachel not to blackmail her with those nu-de photos , Michy released her own nu-de photo online and it has caused a stir.

Michy has received all the backlash there is but it’s comforting how many have taking the pain to encourage her to be strong and let go the feud with Shatta Wale and Rachel.

Will Rachel still release those nu-de photos and videos of Michy??? Let’s see what tomorrow will bring forth to.

NB: We couldn’t show you the photo because it’s against our site’s policy.

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