What Celebrities Choose To Wear Shouldn’t Be Your Problem – Medikal  

Famed Ghanaian rapper, Samuel Adu Frimpong, well recognized by the stage name Medikal, has asserted that the fashion choices of himself and his fellow celebrities should be a matter of personal expression, not public scrutiny.

According to the ‘Sowutuom’ rapper he does not see the need for outfits worn by artistes to events to become a matter of concern to fashion critics, who usually use their social media platforms to chastise these individuals (artistes and celebrities) for ‘allegedly’ dressing inappropriately or wearing the same attire frequently.

The award-winning rapper who is known for his distinctive style both on and off the stage, addressed the often fervent opinions about celebrity fashion during a one-on-one interview on Bryt TV.

”’I think people just like to criticize artists and even their friends. But I don’t see why what I am wearing should be your problem. I have a black Nike Air Force that my manager bought for me.
I have worn it for more than 50m times but people might think I should be changing it because I am an artist. So if I feel like wearing it, I can do so 100 times,” he stated.

Medikal further recalled a surprising moment where a fan questioned why he wore a particular shoe for events more often instead of changing it. However, he decided not to respond to him.

”There was a time I wore a particular shoe for an interview and a fan asked on social media why I had been wearing it all the time but I didn’t want to reply to him,” he said.

The rapper to a greater extent encouraged the public to respect the diverse fashion preferences of artistes, emphasizing that what they choose to wear is a form of self-expression.

He added that the focus should be on the music and artistry rather than on dissecting their wardrobe choices.

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