Watch: Stonebwoy’s Manager And DJ Mensah Clash On Radio Over The Details Of The 2023 Tidal Rave Saga

The 2023 Tidal Rave, held at La Palm Royal Beach on November 4th, was intended to be a night of celebration and entertainment, but it turned into a chaotic scene on stage, where Stonebwoy’s performance was allegedly marred by a confrontation between his manager, Chief Stylz, and DJ Mensah, Sarkodie’s official DJ.

The clash according to information gathered online stemmed from an incident that left both parties with differing accounts of what transpired.

Chief Stylz, Stonebwoy’s manager in an interview on Hitx FM’s Daybreak Hitz Show provided his version of a detailed account of the events leading up to the incident.

According to Chief Stylz, Stonebwoy’s team had arrived at the venue hours before their scheduled performance time, only to be informed of a change in the running order, causing them to perform later than anticipated.

Despite this setback, they agreed to comply with the new schedule.

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He added that during Stonebwoy’s performance, the event organizers approached him and requested that they reduce the performance time due to time constraints.

Chief Stylz mentioned that he was faced with the challenge of communicating this change to Stonebwoy, who was already on stage.

“We were performing, and people kept coming back and forth,” he explained. “It’s a lapse on their part because we’ve traveled around the world with Stone, playing at many events, working with different productions. Everybody is earmarked to be at a certain place at a certain time. If you’re not supposed to be on stage, clearly, you’re not supposed to be there. But this is Ghana,” he stated.

Chief Stylz went on to add that as he was trying to navigate this situation, DJ Mensah appeared on stage to set up, and his comments added fuel to the fire.

Chief Stylz claimed that DJ Mensah made unfavorable comments and insinuations while they were performing, which he found disrespectful and insulting. He confronted DJ Mensah, leading to a confrontation between them.

“I wasn’t happy with what he was saying, so I confronted him. Actually, that’s what prompted the security to move to the stage. It was purely between me and Mensah, and eventually, the microphone went off,” Chief Stylz explained.

DJ Mensah, on the other hand, had a different perspective on the incident. He clarified that he had been called to set up because Sarkodie was scheduled to perform right after Stonebwoy. DJ Mensah explained that he approached Chief Stylz to inform him about the time Stonebwoy had spent on stage. However, he claimed that his comments were made in jest and were not intended to provoke any reaction.

“What I remember is that he [Chief Stylz] had his one hand on my neck and made a fist with the other hand,” DJ Mensah recounted. “Whether he was going to punch me, I don’t know. All I was waiting for was for him to throw that punch because I still had my laptop in my hand… That was when the organizers came back there and were holding him.”

Chief Stylz and DJ Mensah were at odds regarding the specific words and comments made during their confrontation. Chief Stylz refused to reveal the exact words used by DJ Mensah, while DJ Mensah maintained that he had not used any derogatory language.

It should be noted that despite the best efforts of the host of the show, Andy Dosty’s efforts to mediate, Chief Stylz and DJ Mensah refused to offer apologies to each other for their actions.

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