Using A Condom Is Like Having An Abortion – Great Ampong

Great Ampong has expressed his belief that using a condom is akin to having an abortion.

In response to Taller Dee’s question about whether he would accept sponsorship from a condom producer or vendor, the Gospel star stated that using a condom is “almost close to an abortion.”

During their conversation on No.1 105.3 FM’s Gospel Showbiz, Ampong admitted, “I’d hesitate,” and humorously added, “It’s not criminal, and I won’t be imprisoned, but I would think twice about it.”

Reflecting on the topic, Ampong acknowledged that condoms are used for protection but added with contemplation, “But at the same time the thing is quite strange because if you wear a condom, it’s like having an abortion, right? Because it’s like you’re preventing yourself from becoming pregnant.”

Despite the Gospel music industry facing challenges in securing sponsorships, artists within the genre often decline partnerships with alcohol and condom brands due to the perception that these products may encourage promiscuity and immorality.

The FDA in 2015 banned Ghanaian celebrities from advertising alcoholic beverages. According to the regulator, the ban was in adherence to a World Health Organisation policy. It also said the decision was part of efforts to protect children and prevent them from being lured into alcoholism.

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