Twene ‘Glass Nkoaa’ Jonas: Has He Gone Too Far With His Rants!?

Ghanaians are naturally outspoken but mindful of their choice of words especially when addressing our elders or those in authority. Constructive criticism has been our hallmark since the days of old and it’s something we pride ourselves in but Twene Jonas aka Glass Nkoaa doesn’t seem to be in the fold.

Twene Jonas

To those who don’t know Twene Jonas, He is a Ghanaian -born American-based internet sensation known to be taken shots at Ghanaian-leaders fervently all in the name of criticising them to do the needful for Ghanaians.

Almost every Ghanaian leader or person of authority has been at the mercy of Twene’s fervent rant laced with unprintable words with the latest being Asantehene. Are we all to be blamed for Twene’s unusual rant against Ghanaians leaders in a bid for them to do the right thing??? Did we encourage this since we honour him with our time?

Carefully analysing Twene’s actions with the series of backlash he has suffered quite recently begs the question, “Has he gone far with his rants”?

Well, activities on social media depicts that upon the ‘foul’ words he has used to label leaders in the country, he is still enjoying tremendous support.

No rational person bars constructive criticism but making it insulting raises a lot of eyebrows. Have our leaders exhibited so much bad deeds that they deem to be disrespected and/or insulted to get them to act right?? Have exhausted all other means to demand rightful deeds from them?

With the latest verbal attack by Twene on our Chiefs with all the curses rained on him, would you say he has gone to far?

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