Thousands Of Thailand Women Have Undergone Surgery To Have a 3D V*gina

Technology is advancing seriously and the shocking news that comes with it needs much to be desired.
This is Thailand, of course, one of the few countries where one could get even human body parts to buy, says T-bag in popular TV series, Prison Break.

Woman in the southeastern Asian country are trooping in to get a 3D Vagina after an employee at Lexus Hospital released the before and after photos of her procedure.   According to reports, she popularized the procedure.


A 3D vagina guarantees a fuller younger –looking private area /vagina. The procedure for a 3D vagina involves undergoing liposuction. The patient’s own fat will be used by doctors to be injected into the pubic area known as mons pubis.

The procedure costs a staggering $1500, thus 50,000 Thai baht.

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