This Police Officer Repaired Broken Down Traffic Light With Personal Resources

Police repairs Traffic light
Simon Agbeko Ekpeagba repaired the traffic light with his own resources

Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko Ekpeagba, a kind police officer, has won admiration after using his resources to repair a damaged traffic light.

The traffic light located Odorkor in Accra got damaged and was almost coming off the ground. 

This confused for drivers and other road users as it made it difficult for them to see and obey its instructions. 

But in his usual benevolent manner, Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko bought some cement and got people to fix the traffic light firmly on the ground to serve its purpose. 

In photos sighted by, the policeman is seen making a hands-on contribution to the fixing of the traffic light. 

After providing the funding from his own salary, Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko also joined the workers while still wearing his uniform in order to get the job done quickly. 

Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko of the Accra Regional Police Command has become quite popular for his benevolent gestures. 

The fixing of the traffic light comes after he made generous donations a pair of crutches, blind walking stick and wheelchairs to some physically challenged persons on the street.

As earlier reported by, while making his donation, Simon Agbeko urged other kind-hearted persons to also donate their widow’s mite to support the cause to help persons with disability. 

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For Agbeko, the dream was to create the enabling space where physically challenged persons would have easy care and education especially those who parade principal streets and major highways in Accra while begging because most of them have been neglected by their relatives. 

His donation won him lots of admiration on social media and he is continuing from where he left off .


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