Stop Assuming Parenting or Married Roles In A Relationship – Akumaa Mama Zimbi

Ghanaian Media personality, Akumaa Mama Zimbi has advised couples not to assume parental or spousal roles until marriage.

Speaking to Bella Mundi on TV3, Mama Zimbi stressed that in relationships, spending on each other should only occur during special occasions like birthdays.

She urged individuals not to overstep their roles as partners and reminded them to maintain a sense of independence.

“In relationships you don’t spend on each other unless it’s your birthday. So when you are giving it to me, it’s a gift . So in the relationship you don’t assume the role of mother or a father. Neither a husband or a wife,” she stated.

She advised couples to take the time to know each other’s living conditions, especially as relationships grow more serious.

“So once a while, because you are getting serious, You are falling in love with each other, You should know where the person stays. Is that person dirty? You can go to the place to see what he’s doing,” she adviced.

However, she cautioned against sitting on the bed if there are no other seating options in the room.

Instead, she suggested standing briefly and then leaving in such situations.

“If you visit a boyfriend and there’s no chair in the room, don’t go and sit on the bed. Don’t sit on the bed at all. No. Stand for a while and then move out,” she adviced.

The sex therapist also cautioned young girls to save themselves for marriage.

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