So Medikal Prefer Calling Eno A Corpse But Won’t Record A Diss Song Against Her? A Brilliant Move OR Cowardice?

AMG Business artiste, Medikal, has become a casualty of the lyrical war brewing between Singer, Sista Afia, and female Emcee (Femcee), Eno Barony, and his reaction is raising a lot of question marks.

In her ‘You Got Nerves’ song [Listen Here], Sista Afia threw some shots at Eno Barony as well as rapper, Freda Rhymes. This move caused mass hysteria in the cerebrum of Eno Barony.

Eno is one of the finest female rappers to have ever walked on the face of this continent and I think Sista Afia would have had a better chance of going naked on social media to trend than attacking Queen of Kings, Eno. After the release of Sista Afia’s You Got Nerves, it became apparent that Eno will never let the attack on her sly hence it will be a dent on her image as top-notch emcee.

She[Eno] responded to ‘You Got Nerves’ with ‘Argument Done'[Listen Here], a fiery diss song aimed at Sista Afia and Medikal of whom Eno envisaged he ghostwrote the lyrics to ‘You Got Nerves’ for Sista Afia.


In Argument Done, Eno started her verse by sweeping aside Sista Afia and attacked Medikal. She blatantly called Medikal’s lyrics ‘wack’ and claiming to be a better rapper than him. Eno later took aim at Sista Afia, attacking her music career for being senseless, having big boobs like that of a cow etc.

Argument Done trended on social media after its release. Music fans were taken aback by how lyrical Eno Barony is and some of the incredible punchlines delivered in the song are being talked about even till now. Bare this in mind, look a litle deeper you’ll find that line for line Eno can outrap majority of the male rappers in the country but can she take on Medikal on the mic!?

Medikal is no stranger to rap beef and we could all agree. He never backed down when he had to go toe-to-toe with one lyrical genius, Strongman. He might not have been crowned the winner as the majority of music fans went with Strongman as the ultimate winner of the beef but the AMG Business rapper held his own. Whether you like it or not, Medikal is one of the biggest artists in the music industry currently. His chart-topping songs and numerous features speak for itself.

With so much fight in Medikal why is he not responding to Eno’s diss song, I ask? Already he has declined to release a diss song directed at Eno but has attacked Eno by saying that she “looks like corpse” on his Twitter page.

Is he being mindful of how ferocious Eno Barony is on the mic and doesn’t want to risk taking another ‘L’, probably, by releasing a diss song? Or he is simply buying time to come up with a dope diss song which will completely annihilate Eno of which she cannot make a comeback?

Maybe, it could be brilliant move to focus on his career and not necessarily respond to any artist who attacks him or he is just afraid of Eno.

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