SnapChat Queens & The Premium Account.

What happened to the Ghanaian woman? With all the norms and the cultural values, what changed??

Of course, not all of our ladies are upon such a path but to those plying this road, we seek to ask ourselves the above questions and more………What is happening??

The rise in usage of social media most especially the video/photo-sharing app Snapchat founded by Evan Spiegel in 2011 has become a safe haven for some of our young ladies in earning a living by performing all sorts of inappropriate acts of which our society frowns upon.

Tagging themselves Slay Queens and Boss Chicks since Prostitute seems demeaning label for them. Some of these premium account aversges 7000 followers and 5000 views per each video upload. It costs about GHs70-GHs100 to subscribe to their premium account and that’s where all the inappropriate acts are being exhibited. Acts include smoking of marijuana, live cam sex, masturbation, lesbian acts, etc are all performed by these Pornstars-in-training perhaps hoping to be employed by WestCoast Production, Brazzers, etc

Nicki Bella, as her stage name is one SnapChat Queen with active followers both local and international. She charges about GHs100 per subscription and according to reports makes about GHs5000 per month. “That girl is wild ooo. She does it all “a subscriber to her account claims.

Not forgetting the Queen of the Queens, Queen Farcadi who makes about GHs20000 ($5000) monthly from a subscription of about Ghs100 cedis per user and between Ghs2000-Ghs5000 for advertisement on her account.

As if that’s not enough, she charges Ghs100 cedis for a follow back on Twitter according to reports from From pleasuring herself with dildos lesbian sex etc she leaves her subscribers yearning for more always after each live cam.


Getwetbanks3, ambabynaa, self_chick, mhiznana12 etc… How much money is enough for these ladies? is it even just for the money or the love for sexual immorality? popularity?

Why the need for young ladies to smoke marijuana as if it’s going out of fashion… What can be done to check this… Can something even be done about this?

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