Shatta Wale Vows To Help New Artists Learn And Avoid His Past Mistakes.

Shatta Wale has made a commitment to support and guide new and upcoming artists as they start their careers in the music industry.

He said in a recent interview on Empire FM in Takoradi that he didn’t have a chance to receive this kind of support when he was starting out, which led him to make mistakes. Because of this, he wants to help young talents avoid making the same mistakes.

According to him, if he had someone to led him at the beginning of his career he would not have done certain songs and beefed people like he did.

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He mentioned, “Gradually, I would just love to support artistes that are really coming up and would wanna do music and take them through orientation of who an artiste should be because we didn’t get the opportunity to go through some orientations. Like if we did, we would not be singing some profane songs here and there, doing some diss tracks here and there,” he stated.

He continued; “My future plans involve identifying emerging talents and offering them guidance to comprehend the music business in Ghana. This initiative is designed to prevent them from repeating the same mistakes that some of us have experienced.”

The self-proclaimed “Dancehall King’s” statement has already received tons of support from other industry players and fans, many of whom have praised his dedication to supporting emerging artists.

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