Rating Sarkodie, Donae’O & Idris Elba’s Party & Bulls#!t Song

Ghana rap King, Sarkodie has released two days ago his highly anticipated song, Party & Bulls#!t which features UK’s top artists Donae and Idris Elba.

Currently the #3 trending video on Youtube with 294,011 views after 2 days, the song since it’s released has received critical acclaim. But how would you rate Party & Bulls#!t out of 10?

Undoubtedly, Party & Bulls#!t has been one of Sarkodie’s best works of the yesterday. This commercial themed song bears one one of Sarkodie’s impeccable flows laced with precise delivery. He stayed on topic as usual and dropped some intricate rhymes upon it.

One of the many aspect of the song that has pierced a lot of hearts after listening to the song is the hook. As a quintessential example of the contemporary R&B music genre, Donae is an artist who inspires many vocalists. As he does it always, Donae never disappoint when he takes charge of a hook. He sang the hook so well…i’m so impressed.

Idris Elba has given Ghanaians taste of his rapping skills and we are here for it! We knew he could Deejay, but Idris Elba, ever since he he started collaborated on songs has been effortlessly been flexing his rap Skills. His laid-back flow and delivery kept guessing the very next word that’d come out of his mouth. Rapping about fufu and all, he did his thing but got out shined by Sark.

In all, Party & Bulls#!t deserves an 8 out of 10 rating for me. Let me know what you think…Leave your comment and/or your rating in the comment section.

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