“Our G-wagon Still Strong”: 12 Ghanaians Travelling From Ghana to UK by Road Stop To Repair Their Cars

  • Twelve people who were determined to accomplish the mission of travelling from Ghana to London by road faced an obstacle
  • Two of their vehicles became faulty, and they had to stop to make them fit for the long road trip ahead
  • Lamenting that the car broke down, a member of the group noted that their G-Wagon had not disappointed them.

A group of 11 men and one woman who wanted to fulfil the task of travelling from Ghana to London stopped during their journey to repair some of their Toyota cars. One of them (@richardthunder0) shared the video on his TikTok page and showed the moment the cars were fixed. He complained bitterly, saying he would send the clip to the car company.

Filming one of the vehicles they used for the journey, he told people that their Mercedes Benz G-Wagon was still solid and intact.

Many people who watched his video advised him to open a channel to show their trip live as they go towards the UK.

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Watch the video below:


Accra to London Drive update 2♬ original sound – Richard Thunder

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