British-Ghanaian rapper and singer, Mensa Ansah, better known online as M3nsa, has posited that Nigerian music is superior to Ghanaian music in terms of quality.

In a life interview with Joy News, he expressed his opinions about the opportunities and difficulties that Ghanaian musicians face. He said this.

When contrasted to the Nigerian music industry, M3nsa bemoaned the situation of the Ghanaian music industry, claiming that it lacked both quality and cash.

He claims that because Nigerian musicians are producing better music with more time and effort, Ghanaians are streaming more Nigerian music than their own.

“We just don’t have any capital. Like, when it comes to streaming numbers, Ghanaians are streaming more Nigerian music. These are facts. I’m not saying this. I’ve got people in Spotify and Apple Music, and this is the fact we’re not a stronghold on the streaming platforms.

“Nigerians are making better music than Ghanaians. They are making better quality music because they’re investing more money and more time. There’s more of an understanding of the importance of arts, but also in an entrepreneurial way,” he said.

He mentioned that he had noticed a decline in quality, particularly in terms of mixes and production, when he saw DJs playing Ghanaian music following Nigerian music.

M3nsa, however, observed that there are a few artistes who are doing interesting things, but the majority of them have a “I don’t care” attitude towards their craft.

“Sometimes when I go out and I hear, like, DJs playing and they play Nigerian songs and they switch to Ghana music, the quality just drops in terms of mixes, in terms of production, there are a few artists who are doing interesting things, but I feel like our whole attitude towards the whole thing is almost like, don’t care,” he shared.

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