Nigerian Actor, Emeka Ike Discloses His Battle With Depression Amid Marital Struggles

Nigerian actor Emeka Ike, 56, recently opened up about his prolonged struggle with depression stemming from marital issues.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Rubbin’ Minds, Ike revealed that he had faced unjust criticism and shame during a challenging period in his marriage, leading him to take a hiatus from acting to protect his mental well-being.

In the interview, Ike expressed the emotional toll of being wrongly accused and condemned for actions he did not commit in the midst of his marital crisis. He explained that the public scrutiny and unfounded criticism pushed him to the point of depression, prompting him to withdraw from the spotlight until he could understand and address the underlying issues affecting him.

The actor highlighted the significant challenges within the Nigerian movie industry as a contributing factor to his absence from the film scene.

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