My mother threatened to have me arrested when I started doing music – Olivetheboy reveals

Ghana’s emerging Afrobeat sensation, Olivetheboy, recently opened up about a challenging chapter in his music career when his mother once threatened to have him arrested due to her disapproval of his chosen path.

Olive The Boy
Olive The Boy

In an interview with Jason El-A on MX24TV, the “Goodsin” hitmaker revealed that his parents had initially discouraged his interest in music, instead urging him to prioritize education and his spiritual life.

“When I was doing freestyles, they were really blowing up. People were reaching out at that time. And I was like, ‘Mom, you see, I can do this.’ And she was like, ‘Bro, focus on your school. You’re from a Christian home,’ all that stuff,” he shared.

Despite his parents’ objections, Olivetheboy decided to pursue music without their knowledge. However, once they discovered his secret, his mother threatened to involve the authorities and have him arrested.

“Yeah. I was like, I’ll do that. We bought forms for school. So I was waiting till I got to school, but in my head, I was like, the moment I step in school, I’m doing music. But she did not know. So I just started the first time my first EP came out, she called me, and then she told me she’s going to get me arrested because she did not want me to do it. I should focus on school. She’s going to get the people that put me on arrest and stuff. I was like, ‘Mom, you’re not going to do that. You love me too much to do that,’” he recalled.

Olivetheboy acknowledged that he understood his mother’s perspective and her desire for him to use his intelligence for more conventional and secure career paths.

“But it was quite heart-breaking. But I knew why she was doing that. I knew why she was doing that because I was quite good with books, and she felt I could do something better with school than yeah,” he said.

The artist also mentioned that he continues to have disagreements with his parents regarding his career choices, although they are gradually coming to terms with his music journey.

Joel Ofori Bonsu, better known by his stage name Olivetheboy, gained notoriety in May 2023 when the song ‘Goodsin’ from his album Avana started trending on TikTok. He is presently a Loop Music signee.

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