Moesha & Efia Odo:Have They Really Reconciled Or It Was Just For The Cameras?

Moesha Budoung and Efia Odo had one of the fiercest feuds in the showbiz industry which resulted in spewing each other’s secrets online.

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The allegations labeled against themselves were so damning it could knock you out. What caused this rivalry between these two celebs? You know that old adage, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” You’d get to know how the adage comes into play here as i move along.

Efia Odo is a close friend of Sister Derby who recently ended her 2-year relationship with Medikal. Medikal secretly dated Fella Makafui, an old foe of Efia Odo. If you’ve ever wondered who blew the cover on their relationship, it’s Efia Odo.

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Efia and Fella Makafui feud stemmed from the death of Dancehall sensation, Ebony and they have been shading each other since. Yes, it’s that old. After exposing their affair, she went on to take a swipe at Fella and she clapped back as well. But how did Moesha Budoung ended up in this??

According to Moesha in an interview on the Red Carpet of AFRIMA 2018, Efia Odo has intentionally been stepping on her toes for a while now and all attempt to get her to stop has not been successful.

Moving on, she met Fella Makafui at a photoshoot and a day after she revealed some awkward secrets about Efia. What Moesha and Fella Makafui talked about there is unknown but we so sure they laid the plan for the attack at the shoot. After these revelations about Efia, their feud reignited. It could have ended in a fist fight but tempers were cooled and not the situation, it lingered.

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They(Moesha & Efia) met at United Television’s(UTV) Time With The Stars together with other celebs in the industry and quickly they began ignoring each other. Hardly, they locked eyes. It took comedian/Actor, Kalybos a great deal to persuade them to even hug. Short smiles emanated and that was it. Before the cameras, they seemed to have buried the hatchet.

They were not seen together at the event thereafter and that’s not all. These two are still not following each other on social media let alone engage on each other’s post,a common practice among celebs.

Though their back and forth have died down, we still doubt that the two are completely over the feud. A little shade could renew the fight…..Let’s wait and see!!!

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