Meet Nana Oye Tieku, The UCC Graduate Going Viral For Drawing Cartoon Characters.

It is pure talent if it can be done effortlessly and flawlessly. Art hasn’t been a specialty for most women but those who take delight in it, do it with so much grace.

Tom & Jerry drawn by Nana Oye Tieku

Meet Nana Oye Tieku, a former student of St. Roses Secondary School as well as University Cape Coast (UCC) who according to her possesses an immense passion for art though she didn’t pursue it as a course at the tertiary level.

On her Facebook page, Nana Oye, according to her, decided to revive one of her old-time passions (arts) using some of her favourite cartoons. Based on her drawings she uploaded, her favourite cartoons include The Lion King, Spiderman, Aladin, Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry.

Nana’s work of art has drawn so much attention on Facebook with some encouraging her to monetize her artwork.

See photos of her artwork below..

The Lion King
Scooby Doo & Shaggy
Dexter & Dee Dee
Micky Mouse

It will interest you to know that, Nana Oye started drawing these characters from her favourite cartoons as far back her days in the primary school, Nana Osae Djan primary.

What do you think, should Nana Oye prioritize her talent and money out of it or just do it as her hobby.???

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