Marriage Saved Me From Wasting My Life – Actress, Beverly Afaglo

Beverly Afaglo Baah, the wife of ‘Praye Honeho,’ has shared her transformative journey after tying the knot – A decision she believes has saved her from what she once considered “wasting her life.”

In an interview with ‘Afro-Joint’, The well-known actress opened up about her exuberant and wild youth, a phase in her life marked by adventurous experiences.

However, everything changed when she took the significant step of getting married.

According to Beverly, she found a sense of purpose and a determination to build a stable and nurturing home for her family after marrying.

She added that before exchanging vows, her life was characterized by youthful recklessness and spontaneity.

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Beverly Afaglo and Husband

Yet, her marriage presented her with a turning point, encouraging her to leave behind the carefree days of her past and embrace a more focused and responsible approach to life.

“I don’t compare myself to anybody because at the end of the day, I’m grateful that when you mention Ghanaian actress, I’ll be there. If not for that (marriage), I would have done a lot of things,”  – The star actress stated in the middle of the interview.

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The actress further expressed gratitude for the positive impact of marriage on her life.

While it may have slowed down her acting career compared to her unmarried colleagues, she believes that marriage has brought stability and purpose to her life.

It allowed her to focus on important aspects of life, making her grateful for the choices she has made.

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