Man Sues Doctor As Penis Enlargement Procedure Leaves Him Impotent

A 40-year-old man has taken a cosmetic surgeon and two medical clinics to court, alleging that a penis enlargement procedure gone awry left him with impotence and erectile dysfunction.

The unnamed man from Tuscany, Italy, reportedly shelled out a hefty sum of 5,000 euros (approximately $5,400) for a penile enhancement operation. However, what was intended to be a transformative procedure quickly turned into a nightmare. Just a month after the initial surgery, the man began experiencing physical discomfort, prompting him to reach out to the doctor for assistance.

What followed was a series of corrective procedures, totaling a staggering 12 surgeries, in a desperate attempt to rectify the damage caused by the initial botched operation. According to court documents obtained by Italian media outlets, the man underwent two lipofilling operations, during which fat from various parts of his body was transferred to his genitals in an effort to adjust their shape. Despite these efforts, the desired outcome of the procedures was not achieved, leaving the man’s genitals deformed and dysfunctional.

The situation further deteriorated as subsequent procedures, some allegedly involving banned silicone, only exacerbated the man’s suffering. Eventually, faced with genitalia that was both deformed and unusable for sexual activity, the man decided to take legal action against the doctor and the medical facilities involved.

In the courtroom, the accused doctor attempted to defend himself by asserting that the patient had initially expressed satisfaction with the aesthetic outcome of the procedure, even providing videos as evidence. However, the court ruled against the doctor, emphasizing that the patient had not been adequately informed of the physical risks involved and that satisfaction with the appearance was irrelevant in evaluating the success of the procedure.

The two clinics implicated in the case sought to evade responsibility by claiming they merely provided facilities for the doctor’s work. Nevertheless, the court held them accountable, determining that they had benefited from the procedures and therefore shared responsibility for the outcome.

Ultimately, the doctor was ordered to bear 60 percent of the compensation, while each clinic was held liable for 20 percent. Although the total compensation was set at 153,000 euros (approximately $165,700), the final amount awarded to the patient was reduced to around 110,000 euros. This reduction was attributed to the court’s finding that 30 percent of the damage sustained to the man’s genitals was attributed to his own actions, including self-administered injections prescribed by the doctor.

This case serves as a cautionary tale highlighting the importance of informed consent and the potential risks associated with cosmetic procedures. It also underscores the need for healthcare professionals to prioritize patient safety and well-being above all else.

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