Jamie Foxx Sued for Sexual Assault in New York: “Heinous Touching”

  • An unnamed lady is suing US actor Jamie Foxx over an incident at a New York bar in 2015 that left her traumatised
  • She claims that there were several witnesses, including a security guard, but none of them came to her aid
  • The lady is seeking compensatory and punitive damages from Foxx, the bar’s owner and the employees

American star Jamie Foxx is in trouble after being taken to court over sexual assault allegations. Foxx, recently hospitalised over an unknown illness, was sued by a lady identified only as Jane Doe. According to a report by TMZ, the actor was at the Catch NYC & Roof in New York at around 11 pm in 2015 when Jane, the plaintiff, entered the establishment to be seated in the rooftop bar and lounge.

Foxx was seated a table away from her and her friend. Later in the night, the plaintiff’s friend asked Foxx whether he would take a photo with her and the plaintiff, and he obliged.

“Sure, baby anything for you,”

Foxx said. As they were taking the pictures Foxx said to Jane, “Wow, you have that supermodel body. You smell so good.”

Soon after, an “intoxicated” Foxx pulled her towards the back area of the bar where he “intentionally and without consent used force to touch the Plaintiff’s person offensively.” Jane said that the actor groped her private parts. She added that a security guard and other people in the establishment saw what had happened, but none helped her.

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It was only when her friend came over and witnessed the ordeal that Jamie Foxx stopped assaulting her.

Court documents state that the plaintiff is seeking damages for physical and emotional injuries, anxiety, distress, embarrassment, and economic harm caused by the assault.

She is also suing the bar’s parent company and related business entities for negligent hiring, training and supervision.

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