I’ve Done Knocking, We Cohabit But She Denies Me Sex – Ghanaian Man Cries

A Ghanaian man has cried out after his girlfriend for whom he claims to have performed knocking rites and provides for financially while they remain under the same roof refuses to grant his sex requests.

According to him, they both have lived together for the past three years but have not had sex.

“She sometimes becomes aggressive when I want to touch her to the extent of biting me. She insists on “no wedding no sex,” the young man wrote in a letter addressed to Sister Sister, a relationship show on Accra-based Citi FM/TV. “She pushes me off anytime I want to make love to her. We have never had sex before even though we have done our medicals and are both compatible.”

In the letter, the unnamed man disclosed that his family wants him to have a child with his girlfriend before they get married.

“Her family recently gave me a long list of items to buy for the marriage ceremony. I pleaded with her to talk to them so they reduce the number of items on the list so couldan afford them She respondedas that she couldn’t do anything about it,” he lamented.

He added that they both are in their 30s and live together in an apartment they jointly rented. He is contemplating separating from the lady to enable him to make money.

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