I’d Want To Be In Bed With Kwabena Kwabena- Stephanie Benson reveals

In a recent live TV interview, Stephanie Benson revealed something unexpected that furthered her unorthodox persona.

According to her, she would like to have a serious intimacy with Highlife singer Kwabena Kwabena, who is noted for his monster hit ‘Aso.’ In her words, she finds the young man very sexy and yummy and he deserves to end up in her bed.She added that she would think about asking her spouse for permission to fulfil her dream of having sex with Ghanaian artist Kwabena Kwabena.She made this discovery during her Joy Prime interview with Emefa Adety.

While it’s still on her bucket list, Stephanie acknowledged that one of the things she hasn’t done is sleep with Kwabena Kwabena.

Stephanie shared the video on her Instagram platform, captioning it:

When someone asks you an important life changing question and the first answer that comes out of your mouth is a foo|ish one, you know he|| will welcome you with open arms.

Forgive me, but I’m happy to go willingly after I do this with this person. 😉

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