I Once Used The Bible To Smoke Wee – Lord Kenya Confesses

Rap veteran, Lord Kenya now Man of God(Evangelist Lord Kenya) has revealed in an interview one of the worst things he has ever done in his life prior to him choosing to follow Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Lord Kenya in an interview with presenter, Abeiku Santana, on the Atuu Show on UTV saw this piece of information brought to light.

In the interview, Abeiku Santana recounted one of the awkward things he has witnessed Lord Kenya during his hay days as a rapper. Abeiku Santana started with Lord Kenya waking them up around 4am after staying up all night watching him perform at a show in Takoradi to go and look for his earring at the event grounds. According to Abeiku, they didn’t sleep that night. They were in search of the earring till 7am in the morning.

Evangelist Lord Kenya recalled that moment and burst into laughter. He disclosed that he was so high of weed at that time. Abeiku didn’t end it there. He also revealed one disturbing moment he witnessed being around Lord Kenya.

According Abeiku, he smoked weed with Lord Kenya on two occassions but the most shocking moment is when he saw Kenya tearing a Holy Bible and used it to wrap his weed and smoke it. Kenya affirmed what Abeiku Santana said stating that it was just pure madness using the Word of God to smoke.

He didn’t hesitate to beg for forgiveness from God.

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