I Missed A Hollywood Opportunity Because I’m Not Gay – Prince David Osei

Ghanaian actor and movie director, Prince David Osei has detailed reasons behind his decision to steer clear of Hollywood opportunities.

According to him, the LGBTQ+ community is well-represented in the Hollywood business, adding that if one gives in to their sexual approaches, these gay men will help you progress your acting career in Hollywood.

In a candid interview with Accra FM’s Nana Romeo, The renowned actor narrated an encounter with a Hollywood producer who propositioned him with promises of boosting his acting career, contingent on engaging in unwanted sexual advances.

“Some of the people I met that were in the business, some of them were on the other side. And I’m a very straight person. From conversations, you notice they are on a totally different path from mine, and so I told them to take their Hollywood. I’m not interested.

“It discouraged me because that was what I saw from the very beginning. Those were the people all over anytime we went for priemere and Q&As after the movies,” he said.

Recounting a specific incident at a Los Angeles event, the producer detailed how a Mexican Latino praised his physique and later made inappropriate physical advances in a crowded setting.

The actor, known for his straightforward demeanour, reacted swiftly, punching the individual who touched him.

“At a point he (Mexican Latino) put his hand on my shoulder but I didn’t read much into it. But later, when the place got crowded, I felt someone press my bottom. Reflexively, I turn around and punched him. When that happened, they all asked: ‘What’s going on? And I said ‘he just touched my bum’. They started laughing.

“I told them: No, you don’t touch me inappropriately. After a while, the guy who touched me pulled aside and told me, ‘Well, if you really want to excel here, you need people like me. You need people like us. We run the show here. I got that into my head,” David Osei said.

The further actor noted that when he returned to his hotel, he told himself, “I can’t pay this price. No, it is not worth it.”

He claims that his meeting turned him off, which is why he hasn’t appeared in a Hollywood film as of yet.

source: ameyawdebrah.com

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