I Have Not Seen Or Spoken To My Own Children For Almost A Year Now – Reggie Zippy sadly reveals

Ghanaian musician, Reggie Zippy has lamented about how he hasn’t been allowed to see his kids for almost a year.

In a post on Instagram, the musician expressed how he was been sidelined and prevented from talking or having a relationship with his kids.

According to him, he has tried all other ways just to be able to speak with his kids but nothing seems to work out.

“As a father, as a man, I haven’t been able to speak with my children throughout this year and I keep asking myself like, what is my crime? I have tried all other ways like literally just to be able to speak with my kids and it’s all like falling on deaf ears. What is my crime? I’m not a criminal. I’ve raised these kids for 16 years, he said.

Most of my friends and acquaintances, people who know me and my kids and family, know how dedicated and committed I have been and still am and was the sacrifices I’ve made for the welfare of my Children and still they get to blame me.

Oh, don’t worry when the kids grow up, they will come and look for you. Why should I ignore or abandon my kids?

So, yeah, my question this morning is for how long should a father keep trying to establish or to have a relationship with his Children after the breakdown of his marriage , you know, because like I can easily switch and say, do you know what, forget about it.

But these Children, their future will tell whether their parents did a good job or not, whether me as a father, I raised them right with the help of their mother or not. So why am I being sidelined? And I’m trying, I’m trying and trying. Why do I need to call people’s business phone numbers, personal phone numbers. I’ve called my children’s phone numbers.

Literally just yesterday, I’ve been doing everything right within the books to be able to speak with my kids on the phone, not even see them, just speak with them. Like what’s my crime?” he added

Recall that a few months ago, Reggie announced his divorce to his wife of 15 years. He also revealed the names his wife has been calling him including wicked, irresponsible, selfish, abusive, manipulative, useless etc.

According to him, he accepts all the charges against him but is just happy he’s now free to date another woman who will appreciate him.

Reggie’s wife later replied his allegations and sought to set the record straight.

According to her, even whilst married for three years now, Reggie Zippy was dating another woman, a white woman.

She said he often brags about it and abuses her emotionally whilst withholding financial resources from their children.

After their nasty divorce, Reggie who claims to be taking good care of his kids said he can’t fathom why he is being denied from seeing or talking to them.

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