I Feel Sad When Artistes Complain About Ghanaians Not Supporting Them – Ponobiom

Renowned Ghanaian wordsmith, Ponobion has said it’s sad when an artiste complains over lack of support.

According to Ponobiom, he gets a lot of support from Ghanaians and it’s real.

Ponobiom stated that in a post on social media that he feels sad when an artiste says Ghanaians are not supporting them.

He advised them not to forget the little support they get.

Ponobiom wrote: “For me the support I get from my real ppl is great, I feel sad when artist go on just to say gh don’t support than to make a next step to what u can’t stop , till they said they don’t support u come hard but forget the little they did ,, lol sure I came from rags so that meant shit to me ,;;! Uptown#.”

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