I Don’t Believe In The 31st December Prophecies – Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro

Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro, head Pastor and the founder of Alabaster International Ministries has recently expressed his skepticism regarding the practice of making prophecies specifically centered around the 31st of December.

In a departure from the tradition of delivering prophecies for the upcoming year on this date, Prophet Oduro has taken a critical stance, raising questions about the validity and purpose of such predictions.

In a discussion on UTV Showbiz Night, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro made it clear that he does not adhere to the tradition of delivering prophecies specifically tied to the 31st of December.

He believes this departure from the customary practice of many religious leaders during the year-end period raises eyebrows and sparks conversations about the significance and credibility of such prophecies.

He has openly challenged whether such predictions are genuinely divinely inspired or if they have become more of a cultural and religious tradition with questionable relevance.

“I don’t believe in that 31st prophecies that only come during the end of the year, I want to know the God that only reveals such prophecies during this period. The Bible says once God has spoken twice we have heard all powers and dominion belong to God hence it is very questionable to wait until this period to make such prophecies unless these leaders are trying to configure revealing such prophecies to a particular period”,

He encourages individuals to take charge of their lives, make informed decisions, and cultivate a deep personal relationship with their faith.

“God speaks to his people every day, I don’t know which God waits until the 31st-day end of the year to reveal a prophecy. I don’t believe in that”

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