I Can’t Even Afford Kenkey Now, Previously One Of The Cheapest Dishes – Tic laments On The Economy

Ghanaian hiplife musician, Tic, formerly, Tic Tac, has expressed disappointment about the current state of the country’s economy, adding that he can barely afford to eat.

According to Tic, in a recent tweet, he is amazed at the price of Kenkey which costs GH5 now, and has forced him and his family to quit buying, because it is one of their favourite dishes.

The hiplife singer admitted that throughout his lifetime, kenkey was one of the least expensive delicacies, and he never thought the cost would increase to such a degree.

Tic lamented about the GH5 pricing of coconuts at the moment and expressed concern over the state of the Ghanaian economy.

“Honestly i and my household love Kenkey but now we don’t buy it that often because a ball of Kenkey is now GHC 5. I never imagined this day will come whereby kenkey one of the cheapest food in my lifetime will cost that much. Can you imagine one coconut is now GHC5 too. This is the reality”, he wrote.

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His remark follows the country’s ongoing economic crisis, which has prompted more individuals to express their worries to the government through protests and angry posts on social media.

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