I Am Yet To See My Husband’s ‘Sword’ After 6 Years Of Marriage

One of our avid readers is in a dire straits and desperately she is in need of an advice. She has been married for 6 years and has been saddled with a disturbing issue that is urging her to dissolve her marriage.


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Read her story below and offer her a noble advice if you can.

She wrote; “The nakedness of couples ignite sparks which create lovely pleasures to sustain the beauty of marriage.

Have you had the chance to feel your husband’s ‘sword’ to stimulate intimate pleasure?     I hope so but not at all in my case.  I have been married for six years and had never seen, touched not felt my husband’s ‘sword’. Surprised, isn’t it?

I agree. I hope by now, you are wondering how we get  intimate to have sex. During ‘firefox’ the moment I attempt to touch his ‘sword’ will attract severe beating.  Though, when his ‘sword’ enters me I do feel it is one since I have had past experiences.  He just lie on top of me all the time and covers us with cloth. I’m tired, for it is breaking and stealing the joy in the marriage. I want to end the relationship.”

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