Huge Surprise As Journalist Reveals Chelsea Legend Drogba Gave Him $736 After Interviewing Him

Didier Drogba is peculiar with empowering the people of his country and a journalist has come out to thank the Chelsea legend for the cash reward given to him four years ago. In a post made by Tribo Banto Afrika on Facebook, Drogba rewarded a journalist who interviewed him after a beauty pageant in his country.

The journalist in question shared his ideas with the former African Footballer of the Year and he was asked to drop his account number before leaving.

To his greatest surprise, the journalist received a cash reward of $736 (400,000 West African CFA franc) that has helped him boost his project and four years after, he still thanking the football legend.

“Didier Drogba offered me money after finishing interviewing him at a Miss Abidjan event, I spoke to him about my project, he took my bank account number, that day when I got home.

“I didn’t say anything to anyone, I spent all my time wondering if he really would make the deposit, it was 15 hours when we finished, at 17 pm I get a message: your deposit of 400.000 thousand francs to be successfully made ….

“Haaaaan I didn’t believe it He didn’t call me himself, someone else calling me saying it’s from me. Didier drogba I had tears in my eyes. Took this money to buy a camera I’m working with today I say thank you to this great man of heart.

“Thank you uncle Didier. This is 4 years ago this netizen declared.”

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