‘Gospel People Are Very Judgmental’ – Kuami Eugene

Renowned Hiplife artist Kuami Eugene has asserted that individuals in the gospel music industry often display a judgmental attitude, contradicting the principles of non-judgment advocated in the Bible.

Speaking about the apparent segregation of singers and the perception of artists who delve into worldly songs, Kuami Eugene shared his thoughts on writing for gospel singer Joyce Blessing.

He expressed the difficulty in discussing songwriting for gospel musicians due to the prevalent prejudices within the gospel industry against other genres of music, despite seeing nothing inherently wrong with it.

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Talking intensely about gospel is a bit dicey because you know Gospel people, how judgmental some of them are. I’ve had people say, ‘Why should a gospel person allow a worldly musician to write a song for them? There is literally nothing wrong with that,'” Kuami Eugene revealed.

The artist emphasized that the primary goal of gospel music is to reach and save Christians, a mission achievable by individuals from any musical background.

Kuami Eugene challenged the notion that gospel music should exclusively involve those already within the Christian community.

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There is nothing wrong with it. I don’t know who the Gospel is saving if it’s saving people who are already saved… There’s nothing wrong with writing a song,” he added.

Kuami Eugene’s candid remarks shed light on the perceived biases within the gospel music industry and ignite a conversation about the need for inclusivity and acceptance of diverse musical influences in the pursuit of a common goal.

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