Ghanaians Have Short Memory Span, They Pressure You To Release New Songs And Forget It It Two Weeks – Sefa bemoans

Black Avenue Muzik Singer, Sefa has expressed her frustration with the pressure that Ghanaians place on artists.

She believes that Ghanaians often demand new songs from artists even when they haven’t fully consumed the songs already released.

She points out that Ghanaians tend to have short memories, quickly forgetting about the new songs they were excited about and pushing artists to release new content.

This constant demand for new material places significant pressure on artists, leading them to produce numerous songs that may soon be forgotten.

During an engagement on TV3’s Ladies Circle, she said, “With me, because I like enjoying my passion, I want people to enjoy it too. In as much as this is my profession now, I want people to listen to the songs and be like ‘okay she has put out a song so let me consume”.

“Ghanaians have a short memory span. If you release a song today, They can forget it in two weeks and they will be pressuring you for a new one. If you follow them, you will release like thousand songs and they will not know one”.

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