Ghana Has Not Lost Its Musical Identity – Samini reveals

Multiple award-winning Reggae/Dancehall musician, Samini has made it clear that in his opinion, those who believe Ghana has lost its musical identity or voice are entirely mistaken.

In a recent conversation on Property Fm, the “Good Vibes” singer said he believes that Ghana still has its music quality and sound.

“I don’t think we’ve lost our sound so I don’t share the same sentiments or views,” he said.

According to Samini, his distinct style over the years has endured and he sees no reason to think Ghana’s musical identity has vanished.

“Because I’ve been creating Samini music for the past two decades and that’s what I’m about…So if you listen to good vibes today and you go and listen to where my baby dey you’d know that it’s the same guy,” he stated.

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