‘Finally, I Can Find A Husband’ – Ahuofe Patri Reacts To Kalybos’ Tying The Knot

Fans of the dynamic onscreen duo, Kalybos and Ahuofe Patricia, envisioned not only a scripted romance but also a real-life connection.

However, taking everyone by surprise, Kalybos, also known as Richard Kweku Asante, recently exchanged vows, diverging from the anticipated narrative.

Speculations arose about Ahuofe Patricia’s reaction, yet the actress defied expectations. Far from expressing any dismay, she not only graced the wedding as a guest but assumed a significant role as a groom’s lady, steadfast in her support for her friend.

Amidst queries about her post-onscreen-partner chapter, Ahuofe Patricia responded with humor, stating, ‘Finally, I can also get my own.’

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The wedding, featuring a star-studded traditional ceremony, attracted the presence of celebrities such as Prince David Osei, James Gardner, Bismarck The Joke, and, notably, Ahuofe Patricia. Instagram was flooded with snapshots of the radiant couple draped in purple and gold Kente, marking the initiation of Kalybos’ marital journey.

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