Dear Men, Do You Feel Shame When A Woman Pays For Something Whiles You’re Around?

A Twitter user has caused a stir on the social media platform for saying she feels ashamed when a man let’s her pay for something whiles he is around.

A Twitter user with the handle, @Oloni on her Twitter page says she finds it shameful when man let’s her pay for something whiles they are around. In fact, this tweet has birthed a discussion on Twitter regarding whether a man should allow a woman to pay while they are on a date.

She wrote:

“Honestly when a guys lets me pay for something i just think he doesn’t have any shame.”

Reacting to the tweet first was a user with handle @monye_morris. He wrote:

“But lets be realistic my fellow men..Dont you feel a certain level of shame when a woman pays her own bill while you are around? Say you are both in a restaurant etc…Lets be realistic. The Oloni girl did not say nonsense like that.”

Monye further went on to engage some users in a discussion pertaining to the twee. See some screenshots below..

Do you think men should feel shame when a lady pays for something whiles you are around?

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