Comparison Between Ghanaian And Nigerian Artists Is Senseless – Former French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne-Sophie Avé

Former French ambassador to Ghana, Anne-Sophie Ave, has shared her perspective on the comparison often made between Ghanaian and Nigerian artists.

In an interview with Andy Dosty, she expressed her dissatisfaction with such comparisons and urged Ghanaian music enthusiasts to take a more objective stance, considering Nigeria as a trailblazer in promoting Afrobeat music across Africa.

Anne-Sophie Ave stated, “The comparison doesn’t make sense, yes, it is Afrobeat, but let’s look at it like Nigeria is paving the way, is opening the doors for the entire African continent.”

She emphasized the significant role Nigeria has played in popularizing Afrobeat music.

Additionally, Ave pointed out that Nigeria’s large population has played a pivotal role in its success, as having 250 million citizens provides a substantial fan base and market for its music. She noted that quality music can transcend numbers, but having a vast population certainly aids in reaching a wider audience and generating income.

The former French diplomat also advised Ghanaian artists to focus on promoting themselves not only in Ghana but also across the continent and globally.

She emphasized the importance of effective promotion and media coverage, encouraging artists to expand their reach beyond their home country and conquer international markets.

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In essence, Anne-Sophie Ave’s perspective highlights the uniqueness of each country’s music industry while recognizing Nigeria’s pioneering role in the Afrobeat genre and the advantages of its large population.

She encourages Ghanaian artists to promote themselves vigorously on a broader scale to achieve similar success.

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