Black Sherif Turns 22, Drops Touching Song Addressing Illuminati Rumour, Music Gets Many Teary

  • Black Sherif has dropped a touching song talking about his struggles and the burden on his shoulders as he clocks 22
  • In the song, the musician also addressed rumours being peddled that he had sold his soul to the devil
  • The tune touched the hearts of many Ghanaians who could relate to the lyrics of the song and praised Black Sherif’s artistry

Ghanaian musician Black Sherif has surprised his fans with a new song on his 22nd birthday, which was took place on Tuesday. The song, titled ‘January 9’, is a reflection on his life, his struggles, and the pressure he faced as a young artist.

In the song, Black Sherif reflected on how he has been working hard to achieve his dreams but also feels the weight responsibilities on his shoulders. He expressed gratitude to God for his blessings but also questioned why he had to go through so much pain and hardship.

The singer who has spoken about his success in the past also addressed the rumour that he had sold his soul to the devil. It was alleged that he did that in exchange for fame and success. However, he denied the allegations in the song.

The song has a soulful vibe, with a blend of rap. Black Sherif showcased his versatility and skills as a vocalist and a lyricist, delivering powerful and relatable lines in the song which has made many teary.

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