Be Angry With Pedophiles And Leave Harmless LGBTQ+ People Alone – Sister Derby Slams Anti-LGBTQ+ Activists

Ghanaian singer, Sister Deborah has asked anti-LGBTQ+ activists to direct their anger towards individuals who are engaging in pedophilia, rather than focusing on who people choose to love.

Sister Derby, an LGBTQ+ ally, believes queer people are not harmful, hence should not be oppressed.

According to her, there are more people engaging in heinous crimes such as pedophilia who should be punished for their crimes.

Explaining her stance in an interview on Brit TV, she said;

“Why do you want to impose that kind of oppression on someone else? If they haven’t harmed you, if they haven’t engaged with a minor, whether you are gay or straight, touching a minor is a crime. That is something different, that is pedophilia.

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“We do not tolerate it. But if people are making a big fuss about this, why aren’t we channeling that energy into combating child marriage? That is pedophilia, that is rape, that is slavery, that is molestation, all rolled into one. Think about it,” she argued.

Watch video below;

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