Angry students beat up school’s principal over sugarless porridge, drag him to police (video)

Collins Omondi, the principal of God Bura Secondary School in Kenya suffered severe beatings at the hands of angry students who stormed his house with complaints of being served with sugarless porridge among other things.

As if beating him was not enough, the rampaging students who were wielding sticks and other weapons forcibly dragged the principal to the police station, accusing him of mismanaging the school’s funds.

It is reported that Omondi was in his quarters when the students knocked on his door on Friday, October 27 before pouncing on him with sticks and blows, leaving him helpless.

“They commanded Omondi to accompany them to Magunga police station to record a statement. The students wanted the teacher to explain how the school funds are used,” quotes a police report as saying.

After the assault, Omondi was taken to Magunga Level Four Hospital and given a medical examination before being recommended for an X-ray. He was said to have sustained injuries to his chest.

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Paul Mbara, the chairman of the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association in Suba, denounced the attack and advised parents and students to look for alternative methods of resolving disputes.

“Attacking teachers is not a solution to the problems facing schools. There should be alternative dispute resolution mechanisms,” he said.

According to Homa Bay County police commander Samson Kinne, both his team and the Ministry of Education were looking into the incident.

He added that the investigation also seeks to ascertain if some people masterminded the incident by inciting the students to riot because parents were seen joining the protest.

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