After Taking Loan to Fund Relocation to UK, Lady Becomes Jobless for Months, Begs People for Help

  • A woman has left many feeling emotional after an audio of her speaking about her plight in the UK went viral
  • The lady said she has been jobless ever since she arrived in the country and was hoping for people to come to her aid
  • Netizens who saw the audio expressed sadness over the woman’s plight, with many expressing hope that she will get support

Abena Mercedes, a TikToker currently based in the UK, has shared the plight of her fellow countrywoman whose quest to relocate to that country in search of greener pastures has ended in regret. Taking to TikTok, Abena Mercedes shared an audio where the lady whose identity was not made known reached out to her about the challenges she is facing in the country.

Lady hunts for job in UK

Shedding tears, the disgruntled lady revealed that she took a loan with the help of her mother to move to the country, only for her prospective employers to deny her the job she envisaged.

After four months, the lady is not only jobless but also has no place to sleep and no idea how to get the next meal.

“Now the lenders are pursuing my mother for the loan she took, anytime she calls me, I feel troubled, which really pains me. I also left behind my child in Ghana, and I am thinking about how he will be fed.”

She pleaded with TikToker to help spread the word that she is in distress and would be appreciative if anyone would assist her in getting a job.

At the time of writing the report, the video had gathered over 1,000 likes and 400 comments.

Listen to the audio below:

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