8 Celebrities That Passionately Love Jesus Christ

Hollywood is not always so friendly to people of faith. When someone comes out as being a Christian, they are torn to shreds by critics that think faith should stay out of the limelight. Knowing they will face harsh words, it’s not a surprise that some celebrities would want to keep their faith under wraps.

Yet, some religious celebrities are not afraid to be open about their love of Jesus Christ and instead are very vocal about it. There are tons of Christian celebrities that are sharing the Word of God with their fans though social media, awards acceptance speeches, philanthropy efforts, and even Christian lyrics or TV roles. Sharing Jesus with the world is an incredibly courageous choice for these celebrities. They know they will receive backlash, but stand strong knowing that God is walking beside them. They are living a life passionately for Jesus Christ!

Here are 8 celebrities that live their lives passionately for Jesus.

Carrie Underwood


On stage, in person, or in song, Carrie Underwood has never been shy about sharing her faith in Jesus Christ. Most fans of Underwood have long known that she is a devout Christian due to her philanthropy efforts, Christian lyrics and regularly sharing scripture with her fans through social media. Underwood grew up as a conservative Christian in Oklahoma, and has continued that legacy by taking her son to church every week and routinely reading him children’s Bible stories. She does this all with the help of her husband, Mike Fisher, who also celebrates being a Christian. The couple has spoken about living a Godly marriage in interviews and hope others are inspired to do the same.

Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks was raised in various religions including Mormonism but found God as his one true Savior in high school. Since then, Hanks has been very open about sharing his faith. In 1988 Hanks married actress Rita Wilson and the pair confirmed that they were going to include God in all their future plans and family life. Hanks continued to climb the ladder of success, winning many awards and receiving recognition all over the world. However, Hanks attributes all his achievements to his family and their strong faith in God. He has said in several interviews that he regularly attends church and considers himself as a deeply religious man.

Mark Wahlberg

Behind Mark Wahlberg’s successful career and beautiful family, you find a man who went through an incredibly hard journey to find happiness and did so only through his faith in God. A devoted Catholic, Wahlberg found many wonderful priests who helped him get through his troubled childhood. Wahlberg doesn’t claim to be a perfect Christian, and has been open about sharing many of his life’s deepest struggles. He has said these times are what caused him to turn to faith and God. In recent interviews, Wahlberg has referred to his faith as the “anchor that supports everything I do.” In addition, he has said “my faith in God is what makes me a better man” and “it’s the most important part of my life.”

Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt found God in a rather strange way. While living in Hawaii when he was young, Pratt was approached by a man who said “Jesus told me to talk to you.” From there, Pratt started going to church and soon became a devoted Christian. Once gaining fame, Pratt decided to share his faith with his fans instead of hiding it. Pratt has spoken often about how God has helped shaped his life, and praised God for his accomplishments. When his son was born premature and spent time in intensive care, Chris said that he turned to prayer during that time. In addition, when Pratt and his wife split up Pratt leaned on his faith in order to get through the difficult time. He shared this with fans and encouraged them to turn to God during their struggles as well.

Stephen Baldwin

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Stephen Baldwin, born into Hollywood stardom, is a born-again Christian after living a chaotic early life. Baldwin, the youngest of Hollywood’s four famous Baldwin brothers, cultivated a reputation as a bad boy early. In the early 2000s, Baldwin began to have a change of heart and decided to accept God into his life. While many were skeptical and critical of Baldwin’s religious shift, he continued to follow God’s plan and worked on his personal faith journey. Baldwin has been vocal about the struggles and mistakes he made as a Christian during those early years, and while he has no regrets hopes that he can teach others through his mistakes. Since, Baldwin has turned down several roles that he thought didn’t mesh well with his faith, and jumped on more faith-based television and movie projects instead.

Tim Tebow 

No matter what sport Tim Tebow is playing, he says that his Christian faith is what remains front-and-center. Born a son of missionaries, Tebow has been a devout Christian for all his life. Tebow got noticed for his football skills in college, and was quickly ushered in the NFL. There, he was open about his faith and routinely wrote “John 3:16” on his helmet, shoes and face during games. Through he faced relentless criticism, he managed to stay focused on his faith. His fans quickly began celebrating Tebow’s strong stance. Tebow wrote a book about his struggles in professional sports, and shared how his faith helped him through those difficult times.

Stephen Colbert

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“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert is open about his devout Catholic faith. The comedian and former Colbert Report star taught Catechism for many years, and told GQ, “I was raised in a Catholic tradition. I’ll start there. That’s my context for my existence, is that I am here to know God, love God, serve God, that we might be happy with each other in this world and with Him in the next—the catechism.” He has talked about his faith in other interviews including “The New York Times” and NPR. A strong liberal influencer, Colbert has used his religion to help him explain his viewpoints to congressmen and fans.

Denzel Washington 

One of the biggest celebrities out there is also a strong Christian man. After spending a decades in the limelight, Denzel came out as a proud Christian to his fans and began sharing his journey of faith. Washington was born to a minister and spent much of his childhood in the church. However as he got older, Washington questioned his faith and the power of God. Through some hard teenage years and lots of reflection, Washington found God again. He now proudly shares his not-so-smooth walk with Christ, to inspire others that also are struggling with doubt. He now thanks God for all his success, saying that when he lost faith in God, he knows God never lost faith in him.

These celebrities don’t hide their faith, and instead celebrate their strong love of God. Being a Christian in Hollywood cannot be easy, but for these celebrities it’s worth it. Sharing Christianity with their fans and inspiring others with the Word of God can only help strengthen their own faith journey. Take a note from these celebrities and live your life passionately for Him!

source: beliefnet

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