5 Countries In Africa That Experience Snowfall (+Photos)

Africa, with its stunning landscapes, isn’t exactly the first place that pops into mind when you think about snow. Warmth, sunshine, and maybe some savannah adventures are all you think of.

However, if we take a closer look beyond the stereotypes, we discover a surprising side of Africa – one where snow makes an unexpected appearance, adding a unique touch to its multifaceted nature. Intriguingly, this phenomenon is not primarily linked to the effects of climate change.

The diverse landscapes and elevations in some African nations create unique conditions for experiencing this rare phenomenon.

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From the high peaks of Ethiopia to the mountains of South Africa and beyond, the occasional dusting of snow adds a touch of winter magic to the African landscape.

Below are 5 countries in Africa that experience snowfall:


Snow at Semonkong Lodge in Lesotho.

Lesotho, a landlocked country located in the southern part of Africa, experiences occasional snowfall, particularly during the winter season. It is the only country on Earth where every inch of its territory sits more than 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) above sea level. The country’s high-altitude terrain contributes to its susceptibility to snowfall. The winter months, from June to August, are when Lesotho is more likely to witness snowfall.


A shepherd crosses a road with his sheep as they graze in the snow in the Amazigh Timahdite village. [Mosa’ab Elshamy/AP Photo]

Morocco, a country known for its diverse landscapes, experiences snowfall in certain regions, creating a picturesque contrast to its usual arid climate. The Atlas Mountains, particularly the High Atlas and Middle Atlas ranges, are the primary areas where snowfall is a seasonal occurrence. The town of Ifrane, often referred to as “Little Switzerland,” is renowned for its Alpine-like architecture and is a popular destination during snowy seasons.

3.South Africa

Children play in the snow at Laerskool Orion, a school located in Brackenhurst, a suburb south of Johannesburg. [Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters]

While South Africa is known for its predominantly warm and temperate climate, certain regions, particularly in the winter months, can experience snowfall. Parts of Johannesburg’s Gauteng province, the Drakensberg Mountains, Eastern Cape Highlands, and parts of the Western Cape are among the areas where snow is most likely to occur.


Algerians enjoy the snow near the Aurès Mountains

Snowfall in Algeria is a remarkable and infrequent meteorological event, given the country’s predominantly arid and desert climate. The Tell Atlas, with its higher altitudes, experiences occasional snowfall during winter. The occurrence of snow is typically confined to specific regions and elevations, primarily in the northern mountainous areas such as the Kabylie and Aurès Mountains.


In Ethiopia, a nation celebrated for its varied terrains and climatic conditions, intermittent snowfall is observed in specific mountainous areas. The Simien Mountains, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stand out as one such region where altitudes soar to surpass 4,500 meters (14,764 feet) above sea level.

credit: africa.businessinsider

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