5 Amazing Things Sadio Mane Is Doing To Transform His Village Into A Town (PHOTOS)

Former Liverpool star now Bayern Munich signee, Sadio Mane, is setting his village on a right path as he’s changing the lives of his people as well as the village itself.

Ever since Mane became a professional footballer, he didn’t take the route of other footballers who came from a humble beginning but turned their backs on their people after seeing riches. The renowned is making his people enjoy the fruit of his labor.

All the money he could spend on living a luxurious lifestyle is being channeled to give his village a major facelift. Raking in about £100k a week at Liverpool, money gives each family €70 monthly. Mind you, 2,000 people live in his village.

Born in the village of Bambaly, Mane has built a £455,000 hospital and €250,000. He provided 4G internet for them.

He is currently building a fuel station and post office in the village and that’s not all. Creating series of jobs in his village is his top priority now.

The villagers hold him in high esteem and continue to throw their support behind him to turn their village into a town. Coming home from club duties, he’s often seen hanging out with the village folks and often engages in community football matches with the guys.

See photos of some of his projects below..

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