2PAC MURDER: Police Sources Claim Keffe D Is Facing ‘Imminent Charges’

2Pac‘s murder case picked up some steam in recent weeks, and reportedly police are gearing up to charge former Compton Crip gang leader Duane “Keefe D” Davis.

According to The Sun, Keffe D — who once bragged about his involvement in the assassination of 2Pac (real name Tupac Shakur) — is now facing “imminent charges,” with Las Vegas homicide leading the charge in the nearly 27-year-old cold case.

Backed by the district attorney, the outlet claims that authorities have built a compelling case against the childhood friend of legendary N.W.A. frontman Eazy-E and are slated to present their findings to a secret jury next month.

A bulk of evidence including witness statements about 2Pac’s murder and Keefe’s involvement are expected to be presented to the grand jury. However, the ex-kingpin will not be permitted to attend the hearing. There, a grand jury will determine whether the burden of evidence presented is sufficient enough to prosecute.

Further, The Sun‘s insiders claim the D.A. “is looking at first-degree murder potentially for Keefe D,” based on Nevada law.

Keefe, 60, has given multiple interviews and penned a self-published memoir Compton Street Legend, in which he confessed to his role in the shooting of ‘Pac – claiming he rode in the vehicle and handed his nephew Orlando Anderson the murder weapon before he fired off the fatal shots.

The news comes on the heels of Davis’ home being ransacked by police as part of the long-dormant investigation into the rapper’s death.

Various items were seized during the search, including computers, hard drives, and magazine articles about ‘Pac. They also recovered pictures from the 1990s of individuals who may have been connected directly or indirectly in the shooting, as well as copies of Davis’ 2019 book.

Investigators have long believed that the gunman is likely already dead (Orlando Anderson was killed during an unrelated gang shooting in 1998), but they are hopeful they can identify and charge the accomplice.

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